As a global sport and part of a global society, WPA recognises its global responsibility to have a positive impact, not just on the sport we play but the environment we play in, the people we become, the community we support.  

93% of Australians believe sport should have an important role in addressing the issues we face as a society, and 57% of Australians believe Sports Organisations have an obligation to use sports to address societal issues (The Starting Line Report Oct 2022). 

In a time where Australians are more in tune with societal issues than ever before, Water Polo Australia also believes it has a responsibility to create an impact in society and drive global positive change through our sport and our community. The circles of influence and impact water polo has extends beyond our teams and competitions onto the people in our community, their respective communities and the world around us. Anchored within our National Strategic Framework where we strive to empower, play, develop, perform and prosper, our societal impact underpins our ability to succeed today in these ambitions but also be sustainable for the future.  


Water Polo is more than just a sport we play.


When considering the areas of impact WPA can have the strategic approach of the WPA Board is to; 

  • Create success today through our leadership

  • Inspire tomorrow through the environment we operate in, and;

  • Ensure the water polo community is a team for life. 





Focus Areas




How we advocate for and inspire shared success. 

How we operate respectfully and resiliently in our surroundings and the footprint we leave

How we empower and engage with our past, present and future communities

Areas of work

Governance, leadership, advocacy, relationships and partnerships, language 

Circularity, legacy, footprint, connection to place/country, environment, history, respect, technology, innovation

Education, communication, operations, innovation, technology, practices, opportunities, spirit 


By doing better, being better and playing better, water polo can have a positive impact on the greater society – and in turn, make our sport, your sport! 


Water Polo in Australia is taking an active role in impacting the following social areas; 

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Australia has a vibrant and diverse population and we have a responsibility to ensure the sport offers connection and belonging to all, striving for a water polo community that is reflective of the greater Australian population.   

Supporting Documentation 


Reconciliation Action Plan 

WPA believes that reconciliation is a vital component of our social impact responsibility, but more importantly acknowledges our potential to support our teams and our community to have a greater connection with the history of the country we represent, the lands and waters in which we play and the cultures we can learn from.

WPA Reconciliation Artwork

Supporting Documentation 

Deadly Polo Case Study


Climate Action 

WPA recognises that our sport is not exempt from the impacts of climate change and that our sport’s impact on the climate is not insignificant. We have a responsibility to ensure our sport operates within and protects the environment we play in.                     


Supporting Documentation 



Culture Innovation COMING SOON

As athletes strive to perform the best they can and as a sport, water polo strives to create a culture where individuals can not only perform the best they can, but be the best person they can. The WPA Culture innovation project aims to strive for and celebrate the best of water polo across Australia. 


How you can help us to make a difference?

DONATE - WPA is fundraising to support initiatives in the above areas. You can make a tax-deductible donation to support WPA’s efforts HERE

PARTNER – WPA is currently seeking partnerships and sponsorships with like minded organsations to support our sport and our social impact goals – if you would like to discuss your organisation partnering with WPA please contact  


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