National Strategic Framework 2020-2030

Water Polo Australia together with the State Associations, is pleased to present the National Strategic Framework 2020 - 2030 which unites the sport under a shared mission. The development of the National Strategic Framework (NSF) is a significant step for Water Polo in Australia. The commitment of the eight Boards and their management teams is to be acknowledged and commended. This framework unites water polo under a single Mission and Vision. Eight game plans have been moduled into one, the NSF and all eight players have valuable roles to play in order to achieve team success.

National Strategic Framework - Phase 2

To view the NSF Phase 1 Report Card - click here

WPA National Performance Framework

The purpose of the NPF is to provide players, coaches, parents, referees and administrators at all levels of Water Polo with an understanding of the overall framework around their journey as an aspiring player, coach or referee within Water Polo.

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Strategic Assumptions

The National Strategic Framework (NSF) and WPA Operation Plan to June 2022, has been developed on the following assumptions:

  • There is significant potential to be unlocked across water polo in Australia.
  • Coaches and referees play a critical role in the retention and development of players
  • There has been a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities across multiple layers of the sport which has created duplication and inefficiencies in a resource thin sport.
  • Numerous factors impact on volunteerism in Australian sport and volunteers require additional support.
  • To achieve success, water polo needs strong Club foundations built upon a large base of participants, coaches, referees and volunteers.
  • It is important for the Australian Water Polo community to provide aspirational National teams who can succeed at the Olympic and inspire future generations.
  • National team success is built upon competition structures that provide affordable, access to the appropriate level of competition for players, coaches and referees across Australia to facilitate their development and to drive high levels of retention.
  • There has been a lack of engagement and empowerment across different sectors of the water polo community
  • Water Polo Australia is heavily reliant on government funding and is seeking to diversify its revenue streams.
  • The cost implications of travel for sport in Australia are substantial and impact on participation and performance.
  • While there are lessons to be learned from other countries, not all of them can be applied effectively in Australia.
  • The statistical underpinnings of the Australian Water Polo landscape are an unreliable foundation upon which to make decisions.
  • Cost should not be a determining factor in the progression of players, coaches and referees to the highest level.