Facility Management

All clubs have some sort of facility that they are responsible for in some capacity whether it be through ownership, lease, licensing or renting arrangements.

Ensuring these facilities are kept in good working order or to meet these arrangements as well as your club demands requires your facilities to be managed by someone within your club. Too often clubs are looking for redevelopment opportunities giving little thought to the ongoing costs associated with managing a facility, or how alternative designs and/or modifications to your infrastructure can reduce operating costs.

Facility Management is a definition which is constantly evolving in today’s sporting world. All sports clubs are in a competitive market with not only other sports, but also leisure activities competing for community interests and membership.

It is therefore important for clubs and associations to be proactive in providing and maintaining the best possible facility conditions to provide benefits to their members and the broader community.

So, what is facility management?

For sporting clubs, facility management is ensuring your facilities are in the best possible condition by maintaining, repairing, upgrading or improving your facility assets to support the primary objectives of your club.

Facility Management can appear to be quite a daunting task from a time and effort perspective as well as the potential financial demands on your club. With increasing strains on our sporting clubs, it is important club committees take the time to consider and implement facility management plans to ensure service delivery, response to changing trends and most importantly sustainability within the community.


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