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Annual General Meetings

An AGM is a meeting of the members of an incorporated association. A “member” is defined in a Club’s Constitution. AGMs are convened to conduct business required under the relevant Act.

AGMs are required to maintain incorporation and must be held within a certain time period which is stated in the club’s constitution. The club’s constitution will state the rules and requirements for calling and conducting an AGM.

Club’s Constitution may specify the ordinary business to be conducted at the AGM and may also specify rules for the ‘special business’ to be conducted at the end of the AGM.

The business of an AGM is normally to:

  • Confirm the minutes of the last AGM and of any special general meeting held since that meeting
  • Receive from the committee, reports on the activities of the Club during the last financial year
  • Elect or appoint office bearers and ordinary members of the committee (as determined by the association’s constitution)
  • Receive the Club’s financial statements or reports (this must be done at the AGM), and
  • Conduct any other business of which notice has been given to the members

Documents need to be prepared before an AGM is to take place. This includes:

  • AGM Agenda
  • Minutes of the previous AGM
  • Annual Financial
  • Report President’s / Chair’s Annual Report
  • Any special resolutions proposed

Following the AGM, an incorporated club is required to lodge an annual return with the appropriate state/territory authority within the required timeframe. Failure to do so is a penalty under the Act and the Club is liable to penalty. For more information on these requirements please visit the relevant state/territory government website.

Australian Capital Territory - Access Canberra

New South Wales – Fair Trading

Northern Territory Government

Queensland Government

South Australia - Consumer and Business Services

Tasmania - Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

Victoria – Consumer Affairs

Western Australia – Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety


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