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Committee Meetings

Club committee meetings are needed to conduct important club business and are required as per the club’s constitution.

Club committee meeting should happen on a regular basis (or at least as often as the constitution states) to effectively manage club affairs, including:

  • Important decision-making
  • Reporting purposes
  • Review and analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Discussions

Notice of each committee meeting must be given as per your club’s constitution. Dates for committee meetings should be set well in advance. Unless the association's constitution says otherwise, only committee members are entitled to attend committee meetings but may invite relevant members and other persons to attend.

A quorum is the minimum number of committee members required to be present for the meeting to go ahead. The constitution must specify the quorum and the procedure to be followed if a quorum is not present.

An agenda for the meeting should be prepared and circulated to all attendees in advance by the secretary with input from the president. An agenda is important as it provides direction, structure, and purpose.

Minutes of meetings must be kept in written or electronic form and is a record of the proceedings of the meeting. Minutes provide a summary of the decisions and actions decided in the meeting. Minutes are a tangible record of the meeting and a source of information for members who were unable to attend. As you listen, write down briefly all points which seem to have substance and keep track of any motions moved during the meeting.

It is also good practice to establish meeting rules. The rules ensure the meetings are effective, relevant, and conducted respectfully. Rules should cover behaviours such as timekeeping; the use of laptops and phones; whether you can interrupt while someone is speaking, or only ask questions at the end; and so on.


 TEMPLATE Meeting Rules

 TEMPLATE Committee Meeting Agenda

 TEMPLATE Commitee Meeting Minutes