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Conflict Management

Sometimes, the committee must make hard decisions where not everyone agrees. While it’s important to discuss and debate differing viewpoints, unhealthy conflict can be detrimental to the culture of the committee and club progress.

There are measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk of harmful conflict including:

  • Ensuring committee members understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • The president/chairperson keeps discussions on track and can bring the discussion back in when it gets too heated.
  • Adopt a Committee Member Code of Conduct and/or meeting rules.
  • Revert conversations back to club strategic plan and goals

Even with measures in place, damaging conflict can still arise. Unfortunately, there is no single solution to resolve the conflict and resolution will depend on the challenges, circumstances, and the personalities of those involved. However, some general tips include:

  • Be reasonable and neutral
  • Confirm what is at the root of the conflict
  • Try to identify a win-win solution
  • Follow procedure, where possible
  • Focus on the best interests of the club


 TEMPLATE Meeting Rules

 TEMPLATE Committee Code of Conduct

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