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A constitution (sometimes referred to as Rules of Association) is a basic set of rules for the daily running of your club. It is a legal document that establishes the organisation, sets out the purposes for which it has come together, includes the rules under which it proposes to operate and sets out members’ rights and liabilities.

The constitution will also set out the process for how a person becomes a member of the club, the voting power of each member and the powers of the committee or board in running the club. Each club committee member should understand the constitution and make it accessible to all club members.

Most constitutions are based on the Model Rules for Incorporated Bodies which is administered by their relevant state government bodies.

It is best practice to review your constitution every 2 -3 years and if any changes are made, they must be lodged with the relevant department in your state/territory. Changes to the constitution are required to be debated and voted upon at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting.

For more information about your state/territory constitution requirements please visit the relevant state government website.


Australian Capital Territory - Access Canberra

New South Wales – Fair Trading

Northern Territory Government

Queensland Government

South Australia - Consumer and Business Services

Tasmania - Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

Victoria – Consumer Affairs

Western Australia – Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety