Women in Water Polo

Women in Water Polo is a research driven program, designed to equip our women leaders with strategies to build leadership capacity, confidence and impact in water polo and beyond.

Participants will:

  • Gain deeper awareness of their strengths and how others percieve them as a leader
  • Learn how to create and build high performing teams
  • Improve their presence and impact
  • Learn how to buil resilience, wellbeing and sustainable performance
  • Explore how leadership needs to change to meet the current, unpredictable nature of our time
  • Collaborate on a group project - exploring ways to enhance the number of women in water polo
  • Build a network of connections, peers and mentors for ongoing support and growth
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for their ongoing professional growth as a leader

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Expressions of interest for the Women in Water Polo Program have now closed.