Water Polo Australia forms Competitions Advisory Panel

Published Tue 25 Feb 2020

Water Polo Australia (WPA) is pleased to announce the members of the newly formed Competitions Advisory Panel (CAP) which has formed to provide guidance around competitions managed by WPA. 

Made up of 14 volunteers together with relevant Water Polo Australia staff, the Competition Advisory Panel will review the current competition framework for national events with the view to developing an integrated competition framework that provides clear purpose for each competition.

WPA Acting Chief Executive Officer Richard McInnes said he is looking forward to working with the individuals who form the CAP for the next 12 months.

“In forming the panel the intention was to ensure a diversity of thinking from a range of experience levels and perspectives, into the future direction of competition delivery of national level events” McInnes said.

“Having a clearly articulated competition pathways for all competitors, Clubs and parents is critical to our sport which is a key motivator for WPA forming the Competitions Advisory Panel.

“It is anticipated that all competitions eventually be incorporated into an integrated Competition Framework which will clearly outline the purpose of all WPA competitions and ensures that players, coaches and officials have affordable access to the appropriate level of competition,” he said. 

The CAP will meet weekly over the next six weeks before taking a short break while the Strategic Planning process is completed. 

Water Polo Australia would like to acknowledge the following members who have been included in the initial Competitions Advisory Panel and to thank those who were not ultimately added for their interest:


1. Alex Godbold

2. Antony Green

3. Brad Lauder

4. Damian Kelly

5. David Whittaker

6. Don Cameron

7. Georgina Kovacs

8. Jacki Northam

9. Jemma Semmens

10. Lisa Flahive

11. Melanie Woosnam

12. Phillip Bower

13. Rob Neesham

14. Stefani Jelic


Water Polo Australia staff

Richard McInnes - Acting CEO

Nicola Johnson - National Pathways Manager

Aleksandr Osadchuk - High Performance Manager

Isabella Andersson - Competitions Manager