Welcome to FlippaBall!

The introduction program to water polo introducing young participants about Australia’s only team sport in the water.

There are plenty of different programs to suit children and parents, whether you want to get involved at a Club, school or event at home, the FlippaFamily has plenty in store designed to make learning water polo fun and safe for junior beginners.

Not only do the FlippaBall programs offer juniors the opportunity to enjoy the water in a fun way, but it also teaches skills valuable in water safety.                

The FlippaFamily is a suite of programs and packages that give all juniors the opportunity to get involved while also giving flexibility in delivery so there is something for everyone.

There are four main programs to choose from:

  1. FlippaFun. Online tools and guides downloadable so you can enjoy water polo polo at any time.  

  2. FlippaSchools. School based beginner water polo skills program that can be delivered either (a) land-based (b) mix of land and pool based or (c) pool based using set lesson plans and WPA accredited coaches.  

  3. FlippaSkills. Skills based training program delivered by accredited coaches. The Program includes training activities, progression trackers, certificates as preparation for FlippaBall competitions.

  4. FlippaBall. This forms the start of the juniors pathway to the sport with modified rules competition program for beginners. The rules include shorter season length as well as modified rules (e.g. ball size, goal size, field size, number of players, developmental rules etc).                 

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