Published Tue 05 Mar 2024

Just two clubs took to the pool over the weekend in the Australian Waterpolo League, with the remainder enjoying a scheduled bye after the first month of competition.

Catch up on the highlights between Fremantle Water Polo and UNSW Wests Water Polo… 

Fremantle Mariners & Marlins v UNSW Wests Magpies & Killerwhales

All eyes were on Bicton Pool in Perth over the weekend, with Fremantle Water Polo and UNSW Wests Water Polo going head to head on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

In the men’s league, the UNSW Wests Magpies delivered some powerful performances over the weekend. Saturday saw the UNSW Wests Magpies fight till the end, ultimately claiming victory over the home side 10-9. The seven-time Australian Waterpolo League champions then went on to back up their initial win, finishing the weekend’s fixture with a huge 18-9 win over the Fremantle Mariners thanks in part to five goals from the weekend’s leading goal scorer, Nicolas Constantin-Bicari, and four goals from Ord Minnett Aussie Sharks co-captain, Nathan Power.

On the flip side, the women’s league saw the Fremantle Marlins triumph over their competition in both games over the weekend. A confident 15-7 win on Saturday, featuring goals from nine different players, saw the Marlins start the weekend strong. Not a team to go down without a fight, the UNSW Wests Killerwhales fought back on Sunday morning but were unable to seal the deal, going down 16-15 to the home side.