Published Mon 08 Apr 2024

With the end of the regular season edging closer, critical Championship points were up for grabs in the Australian Waterpolo League over the weekend.

Read on for all the highlights…

Sydney Uni Lions vs Drummoyne Devils

Friday's opening games saw the Sydney Uni Lions take on the Drummoyne Devils at Peter Montgomery Pool.

The men’s game saw the Drummoyne Devils take the win 10-6 in a true team effort, continuing their unbeaten season in style by sharing the goal scoring between six players.

The women’s game saw the opposite result, with a 17-15 victory to the host side. Individual goal scoring brilliance from Karli Canale (Sydney Uni Lions) with six goals counteracted the almost equally impressive five goals from Drummoyne Devils player Morgan de Jersey in order to seal the deal.

Hunter Hurricanes vs UNSW Wests

Two games between the Hunter Hurricanes and UNSW Wests Magpies and Killerwhales saw the visiting club come away with two wins.

In the men’s game, six goals from Nicolas Constantin-Bicari assisted the UNSW Wests Magpies to a 16-8 victory.

The UNSW Wests Killerwhales backed up the men's efforts, this time with Chelsea Isaac scoring six goals in order to claim the win 24-10.

UTS Balmain Tigers vs ACU Cronulla Sharks

Another two teams who have not met since early on in the season, the UTS Balmain Tigers played the ACU Cronulla Sharks at St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill on Saturday evening.

Top scorer in the Kap7 Top7 this week, Daniel Lawrence scored an impressive eight individual goals during the men’s game to assist the UTS Balmain Tigers to a 17-10 win.

The women’s game saw the host side also take the win, with the UTS Balmain Tigers finishing the game 16-12 up on their competition.

Victorian Phoenix vs FYFE Adelaide Jets

The Victorian Phoenix and FYFE Adelaide Jets played each other in four games across Saturday and Sunday, with the clubs sharing the number of wins equally.

The Victorian side dominated in the men’s games, winning 14-11 on Saturday and 18-6 on Sunday at their home pool, Caulfield Grammar School.

The FYFE Adelaide Jets returned the favour in the women’s games, winning 16-10 and 11-6 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Fremantle vs UWA Torpedoes

A west coast clash between the Fremantle Mariners and Marlins and UWA Torpedoes closed out the Australian Waterpolo League action on Saturday evening.

The UWA Torpedoes took an all important 11-5 win over their fellow Perth locals thanks in part to six goals from Alexsa Gardijan.

In the women’s game, the Fremantle Marlins claimed a close 8-7 victory at Bicton Pool.

ACU Cronulla Sharks vs Sydney Uni Lions

The second games of the weekend for the Sydney Uni Lions saw them claim two victories over host club, the ACU Cronulla Sharks.

In the men’s game, a close game saw the Sydney Uni Lions win by just one goal 8-7.

A slightly larger gap in the women’s game saw the Sydney Uni Lions finish 11-9 up over their rivals, with three goals apiece for Luci Marsh, Clara Espar and Karli Canale. 

Hunter Hurricanes vs UTS Balmain Tigers

The Hunter Hurricanes hosted the UTS Balmain Tigers at Lambton Pool on Sunday morning.

A tight game saw the host side go down to their visiting rivals 13-11 (Men).

A much more decisive scoreline was visible in the women’s game, with Kap7 Top7 lead scorer for the weekend Katie Dudley scoring an impressive seven goals to assist her team, the UTS Balmain Tigers, to a 20-6 victory.

Drummoyne Devils vs UNSW Wests

Closing out the weekend’s matches were two final games between the Drummoyne Devils and the UNSW Wests Magpies and Killerwhales.

In the men’s game the Drummoyne Devils delivered a decisive victory, winning 18-8 thanks to four goals apiece from Guillem Garcia Urzainqui, Matt Gronow and Ord Minnett Aussie Sharks co-captain, Blake Edwards.

The Drummoyne Devils claimed a second victory on Sunday afternoon when they beat the UNSW Wests Killerwhales 16-13 in the women’s game. Seven players from the host side shared in the goal scoring to deliver the win.