Published Tue 12 Mar 2024

Competition was well and truly back in full swing over the weekend with all teams taking to the pool in what was the biggest weekend of the Australian Waterpolo League so far this season.

Catch up on the highlights…

Hunter Hurricanes v FYFE Adelaide Jets

Both desperate to secure some championship points, the Hunter Hurricanes and the FYFE Adelaide Jets went head to head late last week at Lambton Pool. In both the men’s and women’s league, the teams came away with one win apiece. 

The women took to the pool first, with the FYFE Adelaide Jets securing their first win of the season 11-9 on Thursday before the Hunter Hurricanes turned the tables the following afternoon, winning 14-12.

In the men’s league, it was the Hunter Hurricanes who claimed their first win of the season on Thursday afternoon, winning 14-10 at their home pool. On Friday evening, the FYFE Adelaide Jets fought back, claiming the win 13-11.

ACU Cronulla Sharks v UWA Torpedoes

Prior to the weekend, the ACU Cronulla Sharks hosted the UWA Torpedoes at home at Sutherland Pool.

The ACU Cronulla Sharks had the edge over their competition in the men’s league, winning 9-7 and 11-6 on Thursday and Friday evenings respectively.

The opposite was the case in the women’s league, with the UWA Torpedoes claiming two wins over the ACU Cronulla Sharks, 15-7 and 19-17.

UNSW Wests Magpies & Killerwhales v Victorian Phoenix

The UNSW Wests played the Victorian Phoenix at the Ashfield Aquatic Centre in the latter half of last week, with the home side advantage proving true for the Sydney-based side.

The UNSW Wests Magpies (men) dominated 23-11 and 23-10 in the men’s league while the UNSW Wests Killerwhales (women) won by smaller margins over the VIC Phoenix, 9-7 and 14-10. 

UTS Balmain Tigers v Fremantle Mariners & Marlins

A home fixture also proved successful for the UTS Balmain Tigers, with the Dawn Fraser Baths playing host to three out of four wins for the Sydney club.

On Thursday evening, the UTS Balmain Tigers sealed the deal over the west coast competitors, winning 13-9 thanks in part to five individual goals from Daniel Lawrence. The team backed up their performance on Friday evening, winning 13-7.

In the women’s league, the UTS Balmain Tigers secured Championship points in their first game of the weekend, winning 14-10. The Fremantle Marlins turned the tables on the last day of the working week, notching one back over their hosts, 16-13.

Drummoyne Devils vs Griffith University Queensland Thunder

Top of the table in the men’s and women’s league respectively, the Drummoyne Devils and Griffith University Queensland Thunder fixtures were ones to watch over the weekend.

Sitting comfortably atop the ladder in the men’s league, the Drummoyne Devils hosted the Griffith University Queensland Thunder at Drummoyne Swimming Pool on both Thursday and Friday evening, winning 15-8 and 14-11.

The Griffith University Queensland Thunder increased their lead over their competition in the women’s league, coming out on top in both games, 15-9 and 6-4.

FYFE Adelaide Jets v UNSW Wests Magpies & Killerwhales

Having already played two games each in the sixth week of competition, the men’s and women’s teams from the FYFE Adelaide Jets and UNSW Wests went head to head over the weekend for additional Championship points.

The UNSW Wests Magpies continued their domination over the league on Saturday with a 25-5 win thanks in part to 11 total goals from Ord Minnett Aussie Sharks duo Nathan Power and Charlie Negus. The pair performed again on Sunday, scoring another ten goals between them and assisting the UNSW Wests Magpies to a 24-6 win.

In the women’s league, the Adelaide Jets outplayed their competition on Saturday, sealing the deal by one goal to win 16-15. Not to be outdone again, the UNSW Wests Killerwhales delivered a strong performance on Sunday afternoon, winning 16-8.

Sydney Uni Lions vs Fremantle Marlins & Mariners

The Sydney Uni Lions came up against the Fremantle Marlins and Mariners at Peter Montgomery Pool over the weekend.

The Sydney Uni Lions won both games in the men’s league, 11-7 on Saturday and 17-8 on Sunday.

In the women’s league, the Fremantle Marlins won 14-10 on Saturday before the Sydney Uni Lions came out fighting on Sunday, ultimately winning 8-6.

ACU Cronulla Sharks vs Griffith University Queensland Thunder

A great weekend in their home pool for the ACU Cronulla Sharks saw them win three out of four games at Sutherland Leisure Centre.

In the men’s league, the ACU Cronulla Sharks beat the Griffith University Queensland Thunder on both Saturday and Sunday, 11-6 and 8-5 respectively.

In the women’s league, the ACU Cronulla Sharks got one up on the current ladder leaders, winning 11-9 on Saturday afternoon. Determined to remain on top, the Griffith University Queensland Thunder fought back on Sunday, winning 14-11.

Drummoyne Devils v Victorian Phoenix

Having both already played multiple games against other opponents on Thursday and Friday, the Drummoyne Devils and Victorian Phoenix went head to head over the weekend at Drummoyne Swimming Pool.

The home sides won all four games against the Victorian Phoenix over the weekend. In the men’s league, final scores of 21-8 and 18-3 were recorded in favour of the Drummoyne Devils, while in the women’s league, the Sydney side won 9-4 and 19-11.

UTS Balmain Tigers v UWA Torpedoes

In the final games of the weekend, the UTS Balmain Tigers took on the UWA Torpedoes at the Dawn Fraser Baths.

The UTS Balmain Tigers men’s team secured another two wins from the round six fixtures, beating the UWA Torpedoes 14-12 and 15-8 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

In the women’s league, the UTS Balmain Tigers also secured Championship points, beating their east-coast rivals 9-7 and 10-5.