Published Fri 24 May 2024

Water Polo Australia is pleased to announce the squads selected for the 2024 European tours which will represent Australia later this year.

The men's squad will take part in a ten-day camp in Bosnia with the national teams from Croatia, Germany and Montenegro before travelling to Istanbul in Turkey for a friendly tournament against a selection of 20&U national teams from around Europe.

Head Coach of the Australian 20&U Men Dragan Bakić is excited for the talented squad to tour and gain international playing experience overseas.

“We will be in Europe for almost three weeks and our time there will be packed with opportunities for the players to learn as well as show us what they can do,” said Bakić.

“The squad is made up of players only born in 2005, that was a conscious choice as our younger players have a World Championships in July this year and that will be their focus.

“The players in the squad we have selected missed out on a fair few opportunities due to Covid-19, so to see them get that international experience against some of the powerhouse teams in Europe in their age group will be great.

“This is a trip in which the players will be able to test how prepared they are and how well they can do without the added pressure of a World Championship setting, so we can’t wait to make the trip,” he finished."

Water Polo Australia is also pleased to announce the 15-strong squad selected for the 20&U Women’s European tour.

The squad will travel to Europe in August, where they will have common training games with the Netherlands in Zeist and the Italian team in Avezzano.

The tour will finish in Zagreb, where the Aussies will have the chance to train and play against some of the teams competing at the 19&U European Championships, as well as the opportunity to keep a close eye on some of the teams that will compete at next years’ 20&U World Championships.

Water Polo Australia would like to congratulate the following players on their selection:

Australian 20&U Men
Jonah Allan (Melbourne Collegians, VIC)
Sam Bloomfield (Newcastle, NSW)
Matt Bonser (UQ Water Polo, QLD)
Jack French (UQ Water Polo, QLD)
Owen Lilleyman (UWA, WA)
Ben Lucas (Balmain, NSW)
Marcus Moncur (UQ Water Polo, QLD)
Ethan Payne (Cronulla, NSW)
Oliver Purcell (Cronulla, NSW)
Charlie Reynolds (UWA, WA)
Thomas Serhan (Balmain, NSW)
Jamie Sharman (Sydney University, NSW)
Harper Stewart (UNSW, NSW)
Ben Taylor (Cronulla, NSW)
Harrison Teague (Melbourne Collegians, VIC)
Sam Winchester (Cronulla, NSW)
Lucas Young (Sydney University, NSW)

Australian 20&U Women
Georgia Chapman (Balmain, NSW)
Tayla Dawkins (Henley Sharks, SA)
Lily Dunn (Balmain, NSW)
Molly Dyer (Mermaids, QLD)
Chelsea Johnson (Mermaids, QLD)
Maddie Marshall (Richmond, VIC)
Anneliese Pamp (Sydney University, NSW)
Eilis Rogis (Nordek, ACT)
Gabrielle Sayer (UWA, WA)
Isabella Sayer (UWA, WA)
Horatia Schlect (Polo Bears, QLD)
Layla Smith (Balmain, NSW)
Mimi Stoupas (Richmond, VIC)
Taafili Taoso (Mermaids, QLD)
Zoe Thomas (Balmain, NSW)