WPA receives ASC Grant for Women Leaders in Sport

Published Fri 08 Mar 2024

Earlier this year WPA was successful in obtaining a grant from the Australian Sports Commission’s Women Leaders in Sport Organisational Grant program. WPA’s grant submission was focused on commitments within the WPA Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Strategy to addresses barriers and enable an equitable approach for all to not only participate but also enjoy and thrive within our sport.

Enabled through the grant as well as WPA’s partnership with Hello Period who are also supporting, throughout 2024 WPA will be launching Project Confidence. A national initiative designed to support the empowerment of young members to feel safe and confident in their bodies, normalise conversations on the specific challenges faced in the sport of Water Polo and create an environment that empowers more young people to keep playing in Water Polo throughout and beyond puberty. The first phase of Project Confidence will be a dedicated online hub on the WPA website designed with the sole focus on providing short, engaging blogs, tutorials, information, resources and tools for young teens to best continue their engagement with the sport while accommodating specific issues such as;

  • Feeling confident in Swimwear
  • Sunscreen and sun safety for your skin in water polo
  • Playing while on your Period – what you need to know
  • Menstruation – what is it and how to manage while in the water
  • Supporting the environment through feminine product choices
  • How to feel supported as your breasts develop in swimwear
  • How to look after your skin and hair when doing water sports
  • The benefits of different body types in water polo
  • Confident and quiet leaders
  • Etc.

We want to hear from you as to what topics matter the most to the water polo community and what burning questions like, or in addition to the above you would like answered through Project Confidence when it is launched later in year.

The water polo community is invited to have a say through the Project Confidence co-design survey OPEN NOW and closes 31st March 2024. CLICK HERE TO HAVE YOUR SAY

By participating in the survey you will receive an entry into the random draw to win a Hello Period product pack, valued at $150 AUD – don’t miss your chance today.  

If you are a budding content creator or writer with subject matter expertise and would like to be involved in developing this project, please also reach out via holly.tyrrell@waterpoloaustralia.com.au