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Basic Marketing Principles

Marketing is about communicating your club’s activities and facilities to attract members, funds, and other resources. The main aim of marketing is to sell an idea and involves:

  • Finding your market
  • Positioning and promoting your product to that market.
  • Selling your product.

The 7 Ps of marketing are the fundamental marketing principles. By looking at the 7 Ps and how they apply to the club, club committees will get a better understanding of the club's position and how to best market the club.

The 7 Ps are:

Product - this is what the club has to offer its customers e.g., a range of training and learning opportunities, competitions, and social functions.

Price - this is the price of the products e.g., memberships, event tickets, club merch.

Place - this is where your product is and includes where you train, compete and other facilities on offer.

Promotion - includes what activities the club uses to promote the club and its product.

People - Customers or people using your service or products, including employees, volunteers, and members.

Process - this is the process in which a customer must follow to purchase a product e.g., is it easily done online or is it a lengthy and confusing process that may turn new customers away?

Physical evidence - this is all the places your customers interact with the club e.g., social media, website, facility, interactions between customers and volunteers.

Using the 7 Ps, a club can establish what product it wants to sell, to who it wants to sell to and how it will tell customers. When marketing the club, it is important to consider:

Brand: what is the club known for or want to be known for? Is it family-friendly, supportive, inclusive etc.?

Tone: is what the club says done in a positive, friendly, optimistic tone?

Language: is the language used professional, respectful, inclusive?

Purpose: does the activity/message have a purpose? Is the club trying to motivate, inform or engage the audience?

Audience: who is the club targeting? Is it current members, new members, fans, volunteers, children, adults, students etc.?