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Communication Plan

A communication plan outlines who you need to communicate with, what you are going to communicate, how you are going to do it, and how often.

A communication plan helps keep the communication team on the same page and your messaging consistent. The plan also allows you to measure whether you are meeting your objectives so you can continually improve your communication strategy in your club strategic plan.

A communication plan should have:

  • Audience (who)
  • Message or Topic (what)
  • Communicator (from whom)
  • Schedule or Frequency (when / how often)
  • Delivery Method (how)
  • Purpose of the communication (why)
  • Comments/Results

It is also important to review how effective club communication is. Website analytics, eDM click rates, social media engagement and general enquires can be ways of measuring how effective communication channels and messaging is.


 TEMPLATE Communication Plan

​​​​​​​ FACT SHEET Communication Plan