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Email Marketing

Email is a large part of our digital lives and should play a key role in a club’s communication strategy. It is important for a club to build accurate email lists and segment the data, by categories like membership type, age, or gender, and share personalised messaging based on your audiences’ demographic.

When sending a marketing email, it is important to make your communications relevant and valuable to your club members. You can do this by highlighting a club member of the week, sharing a calendar for team games and events, and sharing results from previous weeks.

Here are some examples of email marketing that your club should consider.

Welcome email - When a member registers for your club, send an email letting them know you are thrilled that they joined. Most communications systems can automate a personalized email to be sent immediately after someone registers. You should include relevant information, links to training schedules, sponsor discount codes, club rules etc.,

Reminder Emails – Reminder emails are a great way to make sure the information members need regarding upcoming events or races is fresh in their minds. Make it engaging with artwork and make sure there is a distinct call to action in the email.

Club newsletter - A newsletter is a great communication tool for clubs to broadcast information to their audience on a regular basis. Use newsletters to reach those who may not be on social media, drive traffic to your website and promote club activities and sponsors. Think about including regular segments like a volunteer spotlight, coaches’ corner, president’s address and player profiles.

Feedback - Let your members know you value their experience and gather some useful by asking them to complete surveys. Automatic email surveys can be sent at the end of the season to get a participant or volunteer’s feedback on the season.

When using email marketing, make sure you are familiar with the law. The Spam Act 2003 governs email marketing in Australia, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority enforces these email marketing laws.  More information about The Spam Act and your responsibilities, visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority website

Be mindful about permissions from members in regards to using their image. Water Polo Australia requires that individuals and associations, wherever possible, obtain permission from a child’s parent/guardian before taking an image of a child that is not their own. They should also make sure the parent/guardian understands how the image will be used. More information on taking images of children can be found in the National Member Protection Policy