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Marketing Plan

A marketing plan sets out your club’s marketing strategy and activities. By applying basic marketing principles and referring to the market research, identify and detail the following in your marketing plan.

  • Aim and objectives of the marketing plan.
  • Details of how the club is described and perceived by its members and stakeholders.
  • Identification of member demographics and their needs
  • What sets the club apart from its competition- its competitive advantage?
  • SWOT analysis or situation analysis
  • The promotional activities the club will use to promote events/products/memberships.
  • Cost and timelines for the implementation of the marketing plan.

There are two types of marketing plans:

Strategic: A three to five-year plan based on your business plan and used to develop ongoing programs and approach sponsors for large investments or commitments longer than one season or event.

Tactical: An offshoot of your strategic marketing plan and based on short term action plans, like ways to increase the number of club members this season.


 TEMPLATE Marketing Plan