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Marketing Research

Good market research is the foundation of all effective marketing. It can tell you who your members are and why, as well as identify the market and competitors. There are two areas of market research: analysis of existing information and new research.

Existing Information

Your member database can provide a basic analysis of your current customer and identify where your new members may come from. Look for large groups of customers with similar characteristics like school, location, gender, ages etc.

Local area statistic can also provide a good insight to potential customer base. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a range of reports and resources for you to use.

New Research

Conduct new research by interviewing and surveying past, present and potential members, along with researching other clubs, you can start to define your target market. Conduct research into:

  • Why current members joined your club - social, facilities, proximity to university, school, or transport?
  • Why past members did not return.
  • Local clubs and recreation centres membership base, products, and offerings. Your state body may have information about state member demographics etc.
  • What would get new members to join your club or attend an event.

Competitors and Position

Its also important to conduct research to identify your club’s competitive advantage and your position I the market.

To help position your club, conduct research into:

  • How your club compares to other organisations?
  • What makes your club different from other clubs?
  • What parents are looking for in an activity/sport?
  • What participants want in an event?
  • What a potential sponsor looks for?
  • Does your club have the right image to recruit new members?